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Why North Cyprus?

Posted by ronli on July 26, 2019
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Why North Cyprus? – Invest in Green, Blue and Sun!

Cyprus, the third largest island of the Mediterranean, attracts domestic and foreign tourists as well as investors. With the increasing number of hotels, tourims, real estate investments and opende universities in the Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus in recent years, the number of those who want to invest in North Cyprus is increasing.

In 2016, 3.188.000 tourists visited Norhern Cyprus which caused the income to increase by 2 billion 360 million Euros. The tourims sector, which has grown even more by investing in airports and hotels, has also increased the employment in this sector and thus the demand for real estate and thus the real estate sector in North C

In North Cyprus, the education sector as well as the tourims sector is growing rapidly. By 2017, there are approximately 97.200 students studying at 17 International universities, including the Eastern Mediterranean Unvirsity and the Near East University. By 2025, the number of students with new universities is estimated to be approcimately 200.000. People are allowed to buy or rent houses in North Cyprus such as students, faculty and administrative staff and others.

Compared to Europe, as well as having very affordable real estate prices, in recent years, the high return on investments attracts the attention of Turkish as Europeans to invest in Northern Cyprus real estate market. Also, those who invest in Northern Cyprus will benefit more by continuing to buld a modern and priftable projects in the areas of Girnem Nocosia, Famagusta and Iskele.

The retuns of real estate investment in North Cyprus by investors, villa or land purchasers, students and employees due to the demand for real estate, and thus rising rents, can be in xcess of 8 – 10 years. Rental income in North Cyprus is in British Sterling (GBP), which means buying a real estate in Northern Cyprus will be more interested to those who want to invest.


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