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Real estate investments – North Cyprus

Posted by Israel Zeevi on March 10, 2020
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השקעות נדל"ן בחו"ל

Nostalgia, nostalgia and more nostalgia… Who does not remember the trips to Turkey, the markets, the food, the warm people, the service, the hotels, the pool, the cheap prices, the amazing bays, the bakelaws, the man who “abused” us for an hour until he let us grab the ice cream cup which eventually tasted like a gum and we couldn’t understand for what we fought for. And also the story of the taps that we prefer to forget.

If only today we could enjoy Turkish magic without flying to Turkey, what, we don’t deserve all that good without thinking about politics? About religion? Of course we are. So let me introduce you the North Cyprus.

North Cyprus is everything we remember from old times and even much more. Great climate, stunning views, luxury hotels, music, treats, culture and life with affordable prices.

The population of North Cyprus is a combination of locals and international students scattered at more than nineteen universities enjoying their student lives in the Cypriot pearl.

Turkish Cypriots are the most liberal people in the Western world, they are considered to be secular, most of them drinking alcohol and believe in freedom to live as they choose, so eventually we have lot in common.

The Northern Cyprus tourism has contributed greatly to the development of the place, the intriguing little republic attracts many tourists from all over the world and offers various areas of interest, luxurious vacation, archeological sites, mountain hiking, breathtaking virgin scenery or visits to the villages that bring you back in time. Northern Cyprus is a hidden treasure that attracts various sectors of tourism.

The Republic is runing by President Mustafa Akinki, who advocates for a social, liberal, democratic government and fosters a society of educated and Western culture.

The perfect combination of Turkish authenticity of yesteryear with a thriving Western culture, international student environment and well-developed tourism creates a wonderful and flourishing space within a short flight of forty minutes.

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