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Most Recommendable In Northern Cyprus. Article #2

Posted by avivit on June 24, 2020
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In this article, we will discover the magical Kyrenia.

Kyrenia or Girne in turkish is a port city, located at the foot of a ridge in Beşparmak, an upright ridge south of the east-west coastline.

Very nice to wander during the daytime in the city center (Zıya Rızkı Street).

Visit the Round Tower in the harbur, which was built during the reign of the King Hugo Di Lizzinian in the 13th century. In the harbor you will also find the Tourist Information Bureau.

At the edge of the harbor is the mighty citadel of the city, which knew beautiful days in the Byzantine, Louisiana and Venetian periods of the island. A thorough visit to the fort takes about two hours, as it has several small museums. One of them is dedicated to an amazing find – an ancient merchant ship dating back some 2,300 years, on its large cargo that brought Cyprus to the Greek Islands.


Hillarion Citadel
The Hillarion Citadel is located on one of the ridges at Spramac, 732 m above sea level, about a quarter of an hour’s drive from Girona. The formidable cliff where the fort is located is well visible from the city. The fort, like two twin fortresses on the western ridge, was built in the 7th century against the Arab invasions that threatened the island. During the Louisiana era, the island’s nobles used the fort as a refuge from the summer heat. Steep staircases lead travelers between the many rooms and halls. The view is spectacular. Also notice the cypress trees growing wild out of the rocks.


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