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Communal Purchase Opportunities

Posted by ronli on July 30, 2019
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While owning a second home means a luxury for many others, a sharing of the property is accessible for everyone. Partial ownership allows you to share a holiday home or apartment with a larger group of friends or acquaintances.

This means that a holiday home is purchased by a group, so most members know each other. If you want to go on a holiday, all you have to do is organize the times among each other for the use of the holiday property correctly.

If the holiday property should not be used by the partial owners in the few months, then renting can represent a lucrative additional income possibility. The property is rented during the periods when it is not used by the owner and thus generates rental income so that you can go on holiday with your friends again.

If the property is not personally used as a holiday home throughout the year, it can be used as an investment in North Cyprus, with an average net return of 8% for the owners.

We can help you to put together a suitable group to use this attractive purchase method.

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