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Off Plan Investment Properties In Cyprus

Cyprus, the Mediterranean island, is fast turning into a haven for property investors because of its inviting climate and serene locales. Initially, foreign tourists would flock to the resorts and avail of the holiday packages they offered. Of late, however, holidaying crowds are showing a preference for private apartments and villas. This together with the slackening of legal formalities, tax benefits, etc. has changed …

Who Can Buy Property in Cyprus?

The process of purchasing a property in Cyprus is relatively simple, in comparison to other European countries. All foreigners can buy property in Cyprus, there are no restrictions, as long as the correct documentation is supplied, and the applicant does not have a criminal record. All non-Cypriots need to apply to the Council of Ministers for permission to buy property, and as long as they fit into …

Benefits of Investing In Cyprus

  1. Efficient Banking and other Professional Services The Cypriot banking system is properly designed for ease of doing business. Cyprus has a very organized banking system that consistently takes care of the diverse needs of individuals as well as companies. Also, there is a large pool of professional and highly skilled, and educated professionals who are willing to offer their services. These multilingual …

Is it safe to buy property in Cyprus?

ALTHOUGH changes to the law in recent years have helped to reduce the risks when buying property in Cyprus, significant problems still remain in cases where properties are purchased for which no Title Deed has been issued. Where no Title Deed has been issued for a property being purchased, depositing the sale agreement at a Land Registry Office prevents the vendor from selling the …

Short-term Rentals

THE TREND in short-term lettings in Cyprus is gaining ground in 2019 and in the wider region in countries such as Israel and Greece. Since 2018 there has been a significant increase in the number of properties listed for short-term rent on Airbnb and other rental platforms; the response from tourists is very encouraging and positive. According to statistics from Airbnb, 120,000 visitors from …


Northern Cyprus officially announces: “We are safe from COVID-19” . Finally we can once again enjoy the opportunities and magic that Northern Cyprus has to offer us. Please contact our office  for more information and details.    

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Famagusta to finally get its golf course Famagusta could have its first golf course within three years, as the €100 mln Ayia Napa Forest Golf project is expected to get the green light from environmental authorities after being rejected four times over eco concerns. Local hoteliers behind the venture feel they are closer than ever as reports say environmental authorities have no objection this …

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