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Posted by ronli on July 30, 2019
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Cyprus offers a wide range of beautiful beaches and many other recreational activities. Cyprus is a big island, almost 3x as big as the island Mallorca.
Most of these activities can be done throughout the year, while other activities are limited to the summer. However, since the island is usually sunny and warm, you don’t have to put up with the restrictions for long.
Activities on the beach

In the tourist areas you will find a variety of leisure activities on the beach, such as volleyball, surfing, boat trips and diving courses. Many diving schools and shops are located close to the beaches. Of course, the beach itself is also a nice, above all relaxing possibility to pass the time. Depending on the weather, the sea is also suitable for kitesurfing.
Shopping in Cyprus

One of the most popular activities is and remains shopping. In almost every place you will find one or the other opportunity to stroll through the pedestrian zone, look in shop windows and look for new household appliances, decorative items, clothing and other things. Many small family businesses as well as chain stores and shopping centres invite you to look, stroll and shop. The island has something for every taste, height and preference.

Fitness studios

In most places on the island there are numerous fitness offers and different fitness studios with a variety of sports equipment – in some there is even a pool, so that one can swim also in winter with pleasant outside temperatures. There is also a nice selection of varied sports courses such as Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates and much more.

Courses and Schools

Those who like to learn more in their free time will find in Cyprus just the right thing for their wishes and needs. There are schools and courses for learning other languages (including Russian, Cypriot and much more), dance courses, music schools, cooking courses, pottery courses and so on.
Cafés, bars and restaurants

In many restaurants you can not only eat well and enjoy local wines, but also start the evening with a live entertainment show (mostly consisting of music and singing). Pleasantly accompanied by local but also international sounds, one can also get a taste of some culture besides having dinner. But in many pubs there is also for those who like to follow sporting events, the possibility to see important games in sports pubs and to celebrate the victories with like-minded people.
Sports Betting

In almost every place on the sunny Mediterranean island you will find a pub for sports betting. Those who like to bet and are interested in sports will have a lot of fun at these bars. Here you can bet to your heart’s content. Football, volleyball, golf – everything is there.


If you are interested in culture and want to learn more about the country, you should definitely visit the museums of the island. There are numerous museums of local history and culture, as well as special museums, art museums, natural history museums, planetariums and castles. For motor and car fans there is for example the “Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum”. Fans and lovers of castles should visit the “Limassol Castle”. There is even a military museum and museums especially for children.
Theme and Leisure Parks

In Cyprus there are numerous water parks, which promise many children, but also adults a humid and pleasant leisure fun. For example WaterWorld, Blue Lagoon, Parko Paliatso Fun Fair & Luna Park, as well as the Dolfins Luna Park in Ayia Napa, the Speedball Zorbing in Protaras, the Lucky Star Park in Aradippou and much more.

Due to its mild climate, Cyprus is a suitable site for the sport of golf to be played all year round. Top quality facilities which have recently been built increase the attraction to the sport on the island. Especially, the Korineum Golf & Country Club has been the Med’s natural golf paradise since the Grand Opening in April 2007. The 18 hole championship golf course is a dynamic 6,232 metres, 72 par gem designed for golfers of all standards and ages. The unique design enables the golfers to enjoy mountain and seas view from each hole making it a breathtaking experience and also a golfing challenge that golfers want to experience over and over again.

Bird Watching

The unspoiled landscape and location along a prime migratory route make North Cyprus the ideal destination for enthusiasts wishing to observe rare birds in their natural habitat. In North Cyprus, bird watching is becoming a popular pastime. The eastern Mediterranean has long been known as a crossroads for species of bird on their long-distance travels. Relatively isolated and less developed than many of its counterparts, North Cyprus attracts considerable numbers of passing migratory birds and the largely unspoiled Karpaz Peninsula, a national park, is prime twitcher territory. Species commonly spotted include the endemic Cyprus Pied Weather and Cyprus Warbler. You will typically come across a wide array of birds, both migrant and resident.

Alagadi Turtle Beach

From June to September, young and old visitors can find out about the loggerhead sea turtle and the green sea turtle, which use Cyprus’s beaches as nesting sites. During nightly guided tours you can watch the huge animals laying their eggs. In addition, the turtle sanctuary offers the possibility to be there when the young animals are released into the sea.
Bandabuliya Market

The former market hall, Bandabuliya, has become a stroll-about.After butchers and greengrocers gave up their business here, souvenir traders and cafe owners moved in. The interior is more of a meeting point for clubs, but nice places have been created outside.

Walking & Climbing 

With rugged coastlines stretching for more than a hundred miles, towering mountain peaks, untouched terrains and an average of three hundred and forty days of sunshine a year, North Cyprus is a trekker’s paradise! Cyprus’ unique and mild climate provides the possibility for trekking all throughout the year. Whilst trekking along the many paths prepared along the Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountains you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature as well as stumbling upon historical treasures such as St. Hilarion Castle which pop out of the natural environment as if they spring out of story books. Unearth charming villages, historical sites and panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Riding Club

It’s easy to create unforgettable memories on this beautiful island of Cyprus by taking a coastal ride on horseback and watching the sun set across the sea.
If you want to improve on your existing skills or are a beginner who would like to start learning to ride and experience the thrill of being on horseback you may visit one of the several horse riding clubs in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus boasts more than 25 high level casinos available for those who would like to try their luck and live entertainment and activities. Some of the gambling facilities are located in high-end hotels and attract guests with their individuality. Only here you can enjoy your favorite game surrounded by professional and caring staff, combining a pleasant night’s rest in the casino with daytime activities in Cyprus. North Cyprus has become like small Las Vegas with its popular casinos with every sort of games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, slots and more. Most of the Casinos in North Cyprus are located in Kyrenia, and there are some in Famagusta and Nicosia. On special days North Cyprus casinos invite famous singers from Turkey to create an enjoyable time.

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